Decorating and Design Services in Matthews, NCThe time in which we live is one where cities are growing faster, the roads are getting busier, and the town itself is getting louder. Many people are beginning to see the benefits of living outside of the city and instead of commuting to work an extra 30 minutes every day than to have to go through the motions and daily stressors of living in the city. This applies to cities across the country, in the state, but specifically in this case to Matthews, NC. Being only 30 minutes to Charlotte, NC makes a great appeal to the daily commuter creating it to be prime real estate. Plus Matthews is home to some a ton of great things to do, there are multiple parks (Squirrel Lake Park, Four Mile Creek Parkway..etc), Matthews Heritage Museum, and even a Sportsplex (In-line Hockey, Indoor Soccer, Basketball...etc)

It is to no surprise that Matthews has seen a 30% increase in population just in the past ten years, but as Charlotte continues to grow Matthews will begin to take an even bigger role in the percentage of commuters. A lot of people are catching on to the up and coming real estate market and are excited to begin their search for the perfect home, while getting set up with new jobs or if they are moving from the city getting adjusted to earlier mornings and later nights. But one thing most seem to have an issue with when buying a new home is finding how to make it “home.”

Decorating and Design Services in Matthews, NC

One of the biggest helps to anyone moving into a new home or just wanting a new look to what you know as home is hiring an Interior Designer. Luckily an Interior Designer in Matthews, NC is not hard to find. There is only one person you need for the job and she is Denise Tetmeyer. She has won several awards for her expertise and precise eye for her finishing touches and proper placement of furniture and decor to encourage a room to open up and truly shine. I also have endless credentials and an extreme amount of respect in my field.

My design services include:

  • Choose and Design optional floorplans Choose accents to fit with your living room furniture
  • Select: Color Schemes for the whole house or a room 
  • Select: Window Treatments and fabrics for your bedrooms 
  • Choose Furniture to fit the scale of the rooms to make them feel larger and less cluttered

Needless to say, Denise Tetmeyer is the one to call. Give Denise Tetmeyer a call today to talk about what she can help you with at (919)-440-8205.