Recently I had the privilege of traveling to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico and it has fast become one of my favorite destinations. It is a truly unique city that most people have not had the chance to experience.

Once there, I am always overwhelmed with excitement viewing the sights and hearing the sounds of San Miguel. Most often, there is singing and music in the Jardins, day and night! The Jardins are always full of the local people, as well as, visitors alike. It is a place to gather on benches that surround the courtyards and run throughout. They are protected by well cared for trees providing shade. It is a place to see and enjoy watching people, laughing, quietly observing, people selling food, handmade items, and hats stacked high on a person’s head, striving to make a living.

For most people in the world of design, the dawn of a new age has risen in the last few decades and is now here in full. Specifically, designers are creating the perfect space in homes to allow an environment that is beautiful yet also content and quaint. It is an environment where we do not cover hardwood floors with carpet or embrace the boring ease of wallpaper, only to regret it later when we feel the need for a change. We have thrown away the antique knick-knacks and china dishes, replacing them with modern art and simple yet aesthetically pleasing dishes. We have taken down the walls in our homes that created tight and confining spaces allowing the space to be open and well lit from the sunlight coming through the windows resulting in a peaceful and simplistic concept.

As more people seem to be attracted to this field that is commonly referred to as interior design, not many people fully understand what it actually is. So it leaves us with one question.