Which to Hire a Decorator or Interior Designer? 

Which to Hire a Decorator or Interior Designer? 

Hiring a designer with a “state license”, certification or registration may cost you more. When is it okay to hire someone who doesn’t have these? In North Carolina and South Carolina, the terms are interchangeable as there are no state laws that require it. Therefore, in all reality, they are very much one and the same. However, there are differences and times you should hire one over the other.


Interior Designer

You should look to hire a certified or registered interior designer if:

  • You are concerned about someone knowing the building codes
  • You are concerned about knowledge of health issues that must be addressed
  • You want someone who has a certification or is registered and can be held responsible for things 

Interior Decorator

Interior decorators are often self-taught, trained in various fields, and have learned with practice and carry years of experience. They may have had training in preparing floor plans, furniture plans, and know how to read architectural plans, even making suggestions for changes and so on. You should look to hire an interior decorator if:

  • You are looking for talented people with a natural ability to design a home, office or space
  • You want someone who is very efficient in helping guide you in selecting colors, texture, furniture, fabrics, etc for both the exterior and interiors for the space of your home.
  • You aren’t concerned or have a need for someone who is “state-licensed”
  • You would rather spend more on what goes into your home rather than for the advice provided

What can an Interior Decorator Do For Me?

  • Assist you with your architectural plans making suggestions for changes or add on’s at the design stage
  • They are able to work with your builder to make sure you are getting what you want. 
  • Helping to select the important building materials and finishes for the interior and exterior of the home. 
  • Often they are capable of hand drawing floor plans and furniture plans. While many are capable of computer-aided drafting or (CAD). 
  • They know where to shop and what to buy for the scale of your home. 
  • Have extreme talent in pulling together all of the components and features of your rooms or office spaces to harmonize, and flow throughout your space. 
  • May not be as expensive as Interior Designers, however, some Interior Decorators are worth as much as the designers, having a “trained eye” and a keen “natural artistic ability”. 

If you have an architect or builder that is very capable of knowing all the building codes, structural and engineering requirements by law. You can do just as well hiring a “talented” Interior Decorator. 

Denise Tetmeyer has been decorating for many years and has the experience of owning, operating, and decorating three stores. She has experience going to the National Furniture Markets as a “buyer” for the store and individual homes. She has acted in the capacity a home stager for “Gold” Award Winning Builders. She has training and a diploma from “Sheffield College Of Interior Design” in New York. She acquired many “happy” clients (link to testimonials page). Contact her today to set up a consultation and see how she can help you with your interior design needs.