What is Interior Design?

What is Interior Design?

For most people in the world of design, the dawn of a new age has risen in the last few decades and is now here in full. Specifically, designers are creating the perfect space in homes to allow an environment that is beautiful yet also content and quaint. It is an environment where we do not cover hardwood floors with carpet or embrace the boring ease of wallpaper, only to regret it later when we feel the need for a change. We have thrown away the antique knick-knacks and china dishes, replacing them with modern art and simple yet aesthetically pleasing dishes. We have taken down the walls in our homes that created tight and confining spaces allowing the space to be open and well lit from the sunlight coming through the windows resulting in a peaceful and simplistic concept.

As more people seem to be attracted to this field that is commonly referred to as interior design, not many people fully understand what it actually is. So it leaves us with one question.


Defining Interior Design

Interior Design is the art or more appropriately the science of how we experience spaces. How they make us feel, how we are impacted by the decorations, and even how the combination of all the pieces in each room is not working as a singular piece but altogether to create one beautiful space. 

Interior Designers also work with a variety of different people in different fields like realtors, contractors, homeowners, architects, craftsmen, furniture dealers, and engineers. Being an interior designer is not a low skill job whatsoever, as the majority of successful interior designers are well rounded in a multitude of different skills like graphic design, architecture, decorative arts, and lighting design. While so many skills are necessary for this specific field, it is not hard to believe that finding a truly exceptional interior designer could be difficult.

Luckily for you, there is one incredible person in this field, who has a vast amount of prestigious awards for being one of the best in the business. I have a seemingly endless count of credentials and have been recognized many times for my keen eye for finishing touches and furniture placement to give a room just what it needs to be able to breathe and create an environment that erodes peace and harmony. My name is Denise Tetmeyer and as an Interior Designer I offer a list of different services like:

  • Choose and Design optional floorplans Choose accents to fit with your living room furniture
  • Select: Color Schemes for the whole house or a room 
  • Select: Window Treatments and fabrics for your bedrooms 
  • Choose Furniture to fit the scale of the rooms to make them feel larger and less cluttered

Needless to say, if you’re looking for an Interior Designer to help get your house or business place on track to being a healthy and safe living or social space call me today at (919)-440-8205 and let's talk about how I can help you.