Steps to Decorating a Room Start to Finish

Steps to Decorating a Room Start to Finish

Sometimes, you have focused so much on finding the right place to live and arranging the move to your new home, you feel like you barely get a chance to think about the fun part - decorating. Many Charlotte and Gastonia area residents find that the relocation process is such a whirlwind they do not even get the chance to think through “your” vision for each room. Maybe you have lived in your home for a few months, a year, or many years and you have never really made your space your own. Now, you are ready to make a significant change in one or more rooms. 

In other words, you know you want to decorate a room, but you do not know where to start. In this article, we are discussing how to decorate a room from start to finish. 


Steps to Decorating a Room Start to Finish

1) Determine: “Who” Will Be Using The Home and How It Needs To “Function” 

Much of your decorating, vision and plans should be determined by the purpose of the room and who will be using it. For example, your living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, and other spaces used by multiple family members should be decorated in a manner that supports everyone’s needs. Why not get each one’s input as to what they visualize? Decorating a bedroom or space that will be used primarily by your children gives you a chance to incorporate their vision. If you intend to utilize your spaces to entertain guests, you will want to make sure of seating and of how it flows while showing off your delightfully decorated warm home. 

2) Find Your Inspiration            

Many consider this one of the best steps of the process. This is the part where you watch your favorite interior design shows, scour Pinterest, and ask your decorative friends and family how they would decorate your space. Create notebooks and scrapbooks and whatever will help you catalog the ideas that you want to see come to life. 

3) Determine Your Vision

There are only good ideas in brainstorming; nevertheless, you will eventually need to write down your vision and the goals to get there. This is the point when many people get stuck. Contact Denise Tetmeyer for help casting your vision and developing the plan to make it a reality. 

4) Consider the Size of Furniture

One of the regrets many people have is choosing furniture pieces that are too large or small for the space. Whether it's a living room sofa, recliners or an oversized TV, if your furniture takes up too much space, it will begin to feel crowded, losing the best potential your space could be.  Make sure your furniture is the right size for the room!

5) Start with a Signature or Featured Piece 

If you don’t know where to begin and what look you want, one of the best ways is to find something that gives you “inspiration”.  It could be a fabulous piece of art, a rug, chandelier, lamp, a beautiful antique chair, or something that sets the tone for the entire space. This is “key” to the whole process!  If you need help shopping for that signature piece or element of your room, Denise Tetmeyer can help

6) Beware of Trends

In your research, you may find a trend that you enjoy or feel like you should incorporate into the space. There are other ideas that are timeless and will always be relevant. Choose your larger and expensive pieces based on what is timeless and utilize the trendy concepts for your smaller pieces that are easier to replace. Beware of building your space around modern trends that are subject to change. There is always change, so be yourself and be smart about your purchases. 

7) Be Patient as You Shop

While you are shopping for the decorations that will make your vision come to life, patience is key. You may research online, shop markets, and take a lot of pictures before you choose each piece. Shopping for interior design elements is one of the services Denise Tetmeyer enjoys providing for area residents. 

Once you have found and purchased the room’s largest elements (the “bones) and have them in place, you will have a sense of accomplishment. Remember do you want your home to look like a showroom or a truly designed space that expresses your personal style? That takes time. Remember a “Rembrandt” painting did not happen overnight! Enjoy the process of patiently waiting for the right things, building layers of beautifully selected items for your home. 

8) Get Help

Even the best plans can be difficult to follow if decorating is not your passion. Interior design is Denise Tetmeyer’s passion and profession. She has been helping people like you turn their interior decorating visions into a reality. Whether you need help finding that signature piece, determining your color palette, shopping for the “right” furniture, preventing a possibly huge mistake, or would love to have a professional eye every step of the way, contact Denise Tetmeyer today.