Finding Treasures In San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Finding Treasures In San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Recently I had the privilege of traveling to San Miguel De Allende, Mexico and it has fast become one of my favorite destinations. It is a truly unique city that most people have not had the chance to experience.

Once there, I am always overwhelmed with excitement viewing the sights and hearing the sounds of San Miguel. Most often, there is singing and music in the Jardins, day and night! The Jardins are always full of the local people, as well as, visitors alike. It is a place to gather on benches that surround the courtyards and run throughout. They are protected by well cared for trees providing shade. It is a place to see and enjoy watching people, laughing, quietly observing, people selling food, handmade items, and hats stacked high on a person’s head, striving to make a living.

As you are enjoying the sights, often you hear the sounds of the church bells announcing the time, services and special occasions. It is not uncommon to see a beautiful Bride and Bride Groom emerging from the churches having just been married and ready to celebrate in the streets. The women are dressed to the “Nines” in brightly colored, beautiful long dresses, often accompanied by handsome men, carefully helping the girls make their way in high heels on to the cobblestones, as all of the streets are stones.

Festivities are often and you will experience their traditions with way oversized “manicans” sporting brightly colored outfits parading down the streets backed with men playing their musical instruments. You will see they are very talented and you will love the gaiety of their voices and music.

While in San Miguel De Allende, it is my mission to find special items in which to “decorate” my client’s homes. San Miguel is filled with talented artists that either paint or design sculptures, make pottery, jewelry, beautifully woven handmade rugs, and so much more. There are many stores, that sell their items from small crafts to truly incredible creations!

These pictures are just a few amazing items that I experienced first hand. Some of which were purchased for my client’s home in San Miguel.

One of the best places to find incredible custom made creations and to have lunch while there is Fabrica La Aurora. Search the website: or Trip Advisor for a great experience.

If you would like to know more, contact me and I will try my best to answer your questions.