Do I continue to decorate while I am held captive at home?

Do I continue to decorate while I am held captive at home?

With the Coronavirus Pandemic, do I continue to decorate while I am held captive at home? That is a debatable question. However, we must focus on what is most important in our lives. Our homes are nothing without our family living there, happy and healthy! So we must protect our family first! We have many things to be thankful for and we have far more than other people facing problems in other countries.

While we are all at home, quarantined, what do we focus on? It certainly is a stressful time wondering if your loved ones will survive all that is happening. We need to stay focused, yet have something to look forward to each day.

So, “Do I decorate in times of so much hardship?” It, of course, is up to the individual and their circumstances. You may think that it is dangerous, even frivolous to think of decorating your home at a time like this and you may be right!


Now, might be a time to stop and analyze your priorities. Number one is your family’s health! So while you are trying to be safe and staying home, you have time on your hands. You start to look around and see things that need to be done or what you would like to change in your home.

So, why not take advantage of the time. Start looking around and make a plan, organize the closets, maybe even paint a new wall or two, using “non-toxic” paint while all of you are home. You don’t want to endanger your family by having someone come into your home, it is so important to keep our distances. But, there are things you can do to prepare for what you would like to accomplish. So below are thirteen suggestions that you can do now. After all, this is over and you get back to normal life, you can then put your “plan” into action!

13 Suggestions To Prepare Your Home For Normalcy

  1. Make a list of priorities that you would like done on your home
  2. Start going through your closets, cabinets, garage and the basement organizing, separating what you want to keep and part with.
  3. Once you have decided, separate the items into sections or piles.
  4. Take all the things that you need and want to keep and organize them into proper spaces.
  5. All the things that you no longer want, why not plan a garage sale? With the money that you make, you can invest it back in your home and your new decorating plan.
  6. If your items are high end, perhaps start calling around to various top-notch consignment stores. Make arrangements to have your items picked up and delivered to the consignment store. They will achieve the goal of getting more money for your items.
  7. While you are pulling things out of cabinets, closets and your garage, clean as you go!
  8. Make a list of things that you would like to change in your home
  9. Look up ideas on Pinterest or Houzz, magazines or take pictures of things that you see, that interests you.
  10. Think about what look or feel your wish to achieve in your home or space.
  11. Now that you have this done, you can make a plan to hire a designer. Thus, you start looking in your area for help.
  12. You have time on your hands since you are home, start calling designers to see how they may help you.
  13. Should I do this now? That is your call, speak with a designer and make a plan.

It may not be the time to have a designer into your home. Always put your family and priorities first! 

But, you can already have a designer/decorator in place that you feel confident in using. Knowing that you have just experienced a great amount of stress and the designer has too. You need to go back to work and the designer will need too as well. So make a reasonable plan for the near future that works for you both!

You might even start now by sending pictures and ideas to the designer so that a person can start visualizing and making plans for your home. It will keep you focused and help you get through the hard times while you have the children home and you are waiting to go back to work.

Denise Tetmeyer is one designer that will understand what you are dealing with and can work with you and your plan. Call Denise at 919-440-8205 or contact her and let her know you need her help.

In the meanwhile stay put with your family first and when you have time, work on your home, make a plan to make your home to be a better place. “a haven for your family”.