Decorate Before The Kids Are Out For School Vacation

Decorate Before The Kids Are Out For School Vacation

Time is moving along and sooner than you know it, you will be thrown into the frenzy of Summer Vacation. You really wanted to redecorate the living room and to find ways to get organized. Now, the kids are constantly on the move and you are having to shuttle them everywhere with not a moment to breathe. 


So, why not start to think about decorating before the vacation turns you into a moving shuttle. Ok, it is March and you don’t know where to start. You really need a plan first! Why not hire a Decorator/ designer for an hour or so to starting putting a plan into action? A Decorator will look at what you desire and help you decide what is most important, and then make an organized plan of what to do and where to start. Even if you just want a few suggestions, they can be well worth the cost to get you moving. 

Perhaps you are a working mother and really don’t have the time to put a plan of action to work. A Decorator, can implement a plan, by making suggestions to update or re-arrange the furniture, design new drapery treatments, change the accessories, and perhaps add new paint and fabric colors. If you find a Decorator/designer that you trust, that one can change your life! You are able to work, take care of the children and come home to an organized, beautiful home. 

Denise Tetmeyer has had a lot of practice at understanding just what clients want and is able to help implement your plan. Having had a vast experience of shopping and finding the perfect items for your home, she can be a valuable resource. Call Denise for a few minutes of time complimentary to you and find out how she accomplishes this. She will listen intently and discuss what she is capable of and will then see if you want to make that first important appointment with her. 

Get started now, before the holidays make you crazy. Relax and see your home transformed!